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GoodGam Empire: Quick Attacking Guides and Strategies

Goodgame empire is an online game of strategy and tactics. Its main objective is to defend the empire from attacking troops and win battles against other empires. In order to win a battle we’ll need to understand the game first. Since GoodGame Empire is a complex game, it’s best for us to know a bit of information about the game. Ideas such as the troops available on the game, the tools, attacks and defenses, will definitely be very helpful. Once we’re aware of such information, you can then decide on what to do and plan on how to win defend your castle or win battles against other empires.


The GoodGame Empire is consisting of different troops that can be deployed on the specific areas within the empire. Along with these troops are tools that can be used in battles. Each troop and tools has a specific amount of damage against the enemy, defense, protection and movement. Here’s an overview of the troops available when playing the GoodGame Empire. The troops are subdivided into different categories or stations that they can best function. Examples of these stations are the defensive, offensive, special, Everwinter glacier, the burning sands, fire peaks and bear soldier stations. The troops for the defensive station include the maximum, crossbowman and swordsman. Each troop has a specific amount of attacks and among them the veteran maceman has the highest amount of attack against the enemy. Also the maceman and as well as the crossbowman are leaders in terms of defense. Every time you level up and gain experience, your troops will be upgraded and it’s up to you which combination of these troops will help you win the battle. On the other hand, the defensive troops is consist of another set of army namely the armed citizens, the Spearman, bowman, archer, halberdier, and longbowman. Among the defensive troops, the spearman is the leading attacker and the halberdier for defense. On the special troops it includes a mace, crossbowmen, rogue, felon, knight, kings guard, Norseman warriors and bowmen. The crossbowman is the leader in terms of attack and kingsguard for defense. Knowing this information you can decide on what troops to deploy in the specific areas of the empire. The tools within the empire are also subdivided into categories, the offensive and defensive tools. These tools are available and upgraded once you’ve reached the level required.


Once you’ve decided which troop to deploy, these quick attack tips will be very helpful. If you’re planning to attack another castle, first you’ll need to assess the level of the castle. You’ll need to be mindful of this matter because if it’s above your level, then you could only spy on it and continue increasing your level and prepare more. If it happens that the castle is below your level, then there’s a great chance of winning. Another thing to keep in mind is to always do a spy report. With this, you should check the level of other castles as well as their troops. You’ll then need to blend well the defense and attacking troops. Take note that defending troops are not good in attacks and vice versa. You’ll have to select the right troops for your empire. Once you’re certain with your strategy send out the army and wait for the report of the battle. Report them to your alliance and win more battles to gain honor. 

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